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Thank you for 35 years of wonderful events and memories with Good Friends, Good Food and Good Fun.

Our last Dutch Oven News printed on Dec 1 2020. 

We will continue our facebook group and page

Mission Statement

To pursue, promote and protect the art of Dutch oven cooking; to develop more enthusiastic relations between the general public and other societies; to encourage participation in events, promote Dutch Oven Gatherings; provide the best support to all chapters and members; in general ensure the preservation of cooking in Dutch ovens. 

About Us

The International Dutch Oven Society (IDOS) is a non-profit organization with the goals to preserve and promote the skills and art of Dutch Oven cooking. From it's humble beginnings in the Rocky Mountains, IDOS has grown to its current status as the largest and most productive group of black pot enthusiasts in the world. 

Our motto is Good Friends, Good Food, and Good Fun 

Mailing Address
International Dutch Oven Society

900 East Carnation Dr. 
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Dian Mayfield, 2008 World Champ, has created a new IDOS Brochure that can be distributed at any event. IDOS will include these brochures with the Cook-Off Support package for all registered IDOS Sanctioned Events.

You are welcome to print this tri-fold brochure for any of your events.

View Brochure Online | Download PDF File

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